Mosquito Magnet® Commercial Pro

Unit will not start

The following are possible troubleshooting steps to get your Mosquito Magnet® running.

Is the propane tank empty?

If the propane tank is empty it will weigh around 20 lbs. If the tank is empty, take it to an authorized propane tank filling station.

If the propane tank is new, has it been purged?

A brand new empty propane tank has air in it. If the tank has not been purged, the Mosquito Magnet® will not operate properly. Having the tank purged is essential to the operation of the Mosquito Magnet®. Purging the propane tank can only be done by an authorized tank filling station. For more information click here.

If tank has been opened too quickly, security check valve may have triggered?

If the valve on the propane tank has been open to quickly the valve can become locked out. To remedy this click here for our Reset Tool instructions.

Has the unit been shaken?

During shipping, movement of the unit, or times when it is not operating, the catalytic beads inside the burner box can become settled or become unleveled. If this is the case the Mosquito Magnet® will not stay running or will not start at all.

To shake the Mosquito Magnet® Pro you MUST DISCONNECT THE GAS LINE WHERE IT CONNECTS TO THE POWER PACK. Failure to do this can and will result in damage to the unit and this action will NOT be covered by the warranty.

With the gas line disconnected, stand on the side of the unit, place one hand on the power pack and one hand on the green housing. It is also recommended that you place your foot onto the stand for leverage. Now start shaking back and forth quite vigorously about 5 or 6 times. Reconnect the gas line and try to start again. Click here for starting instructions.

The image below shows how the catalytic beads should be in the burner box. In the incorrect image the beads are not level, if the beads are like this then too much gas may flow in and not allow for a proper ignition.



Has the unit been off for a few days and has it rained during that time?

If the Mosquito Magnet® has been non-operational for a number of days and it has rained, it is possible that there is some moisture build up inside the burner box. This will make it act like a wet camp fire and your unit will either start and not stay running, or not start at all.

If this is the case then leave the Mosquito Magnet® in direct sunlight for a few days or take the power pack out of the housing and take indoors for a few days.


Have you used the Quick Clear Valve?

If your Mosquito Magnet® does not start it may be due to propane contaminants in the line. Using the Quick Clear Valve can prevent and remedy this when it happens. Click here for Quick Clear Valve instructions.