Mosquito Magnet®

Quick-Clear Valve

Why should you use the Quick-Clear Valve?

Beginning in 2003, American Biophysics installed new a one-way Quick-Clear Valve on all Mosquito Magnet® models. It is used to clear out propane contaminants in the fuel line that may build up and can block the flow of propane from the tank into the Mosquito Magnet®. These contaminants can clog the gas line in the Mosquito Magnet® and cause trap failure.

NOTE: The Quick-Clear Valve and Quick-Clear cartridge are for preventive maintenance only. The Quick-Clear Valve and Quick-Clear cartridge are NOT required for start-up or operation of the Mosquito Magnet.


When should you use the Quick-Clear Valve?

It is recommended that you use the Quick-Clear Valve before and after any prolonged storage period. We also recommend that the cartridges are used every single propane tank change If you have problems starting your Mosquito Magnet® or keeping the Mosquito Magnet® running this is the perfect time to use a cartridge.


How do I use the Quick Clear Valve.

We recommend that you use our exclusive, Extra Large Co2 Cartridges to

1) Remove Residue from inside your Mosquito Magnet and

2) Keep your Mosquito Magnet operating at peak performance

These can be purchased through our Online Store or by calling toll free, 1.800.214.7721.

For a printable version of the standard Quick-Clear Valve instructions Click here.