Mosquito Magnet® Commercial Pro

Other Troubleshooting steps

Is the unit overheating?

There are several reasons for the Mosquito Magnet® to overheat . The unit may be clogged in the fuel line and/or the carburetor. This can be cleared out by using a 12 gram threaded C02 cartridge and the Quick-Clear Adaptor on units made in 2003 and beyond. if you have a Mosquito Magnet® made before 2003, this Quick-Clear option is not available on your machine.

A second reason for this can be blockage of the large fan blade. Check to see if the fan has debris such as insects, spiders etc. around fan blade area.

Another reason can be that the unit is in direct sunlight, which can heat the already warm unit to levels where the trap will overheat and shut down. For best results keep the Mosquito Magnet® in a partly shady area or in an open covered area of your yard.


How do I do a tissue test

Place a dime size piece of single ply tissue paper (which represents the size and weight of a mosquito) on your fingertip. Now place your finger under and up the tan trumpet shaped opening on the bottom of the housing in the front of the machine. If the tissue is pulled up into the tubing, then suction on the Mosquito Magnet® is fine. If the tissue paper stays on tip of your finger or blows off to ground the tissue test has failed.

Tissue test


I have done the tissue test and I have no vacuum.

After you have done the tissue test and it has failed, then check the following.


Is water dripping from the unit?

Water can drip from the unit in highly humid areas, especially after a rainstorm or simply as a by product of propane in use. There is nothing to be alarmed about, and this will not affect the machine.


There is water in the temperature gauge?

It is normal for moisture to build up inside the temperature gauge.


There are animals and/or cobwebs blocking the air passageways.

If something is clogging the air passages then there will be a reduced vacuum. Check the opening of the trumpet, the large fan and heat sink. Make sure these areas are free of small animals, cobwebs and other debris.


The Pro is running but the temperature gauge is in the yellow.

If the trap runs consistently in the yellow the unit will run hotter and have less vacuum. If the trap is running hotter, it will repel mosquitoes and generate less power, the fan will run slower and cause a lower vacuum as well.


Is there a vacuum leak.

If there is a vacuum leak, it would cause a reduction in vacuum. Check to see if the door is closed and that the gasket around the door is not damaged. Also check the green housing for cracks.


I need to replace my Power Pack. How to I remove the Power Pack?

To remove the Power Pack view the How to remove the power pack from the stand instructions.