Mosquito Magnet®

OPD Reset Tool

If your Mosquito Magnet® fails to start, it may be the result of poor gas flow from the propane tank through the regulator to the trap. The Reset Tool has been designed to reset the internal mechanisms of the propane regulator and release any back pressure from your tank. It is recommended that you do this procedure every time you connect the regulator to the propane tank to avoid any difficulty in the start up process.
Use of protective eyewear is recommended.
Important: Extinguish all smoking materials prior to use of Gas Reset Tool.

Please follow these steps

  1. Shut down your Mosquito Magnet®.
  2. Completely close the propane tank valve by turning to the "Off" position. (turn valve clockwise)
  3. Disconnect the regulator from the propane tank valve.
  4. Screw the threaded end of the reset tool into the propane tank valve until it is fully engaged. You may hear a small "hiss" sound. This is the pressure being released from the propane tank. Note: the threads in the tank valve are left handed threads. (turn reset tool counter clockwise)
  5. Screw the regulator connector to the opposite end of the reset tool until fully engaged. Note: hold the reset tool to prevent it from backing out of the tank.
  6. The regulator and propane tank are now reset. Disconnect the reset tool from the regulator connector and the propane tank.
  7. Re-attach the regulator connector to the propane tank valve.
  8. Slowly turn the propane tank valve on.
  9. Restart your trap. Refer to your Operation Manual starting instructions.
Reset Tool Reset tool & regulator connector Reset Tool (Steps 4&5) Attach reset tool to
tank and propane regulator. Reset Tool (Step 6) Reset tool shown in-line
and fully engaged. Reset Tool (Step 7) Reattach regulator and restart your Mosquito Magnet®.

NOTE: Newer regulators may not have the opening for the pin in the reset tool.
If your regulator is similar to the one pictured below, and has the brass
piece (circled) then you do not need to use the reset tool on the regulator.

New style Regulator

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