Mosquito Magnet®

Glossary of terms

Throughout the troubleshooting pages you will see words you may not understand. Use this glossary for an explanation of each word. To see a picture of the item click image icon.



12 Volts AC
The voltage that the power cord for the Defender/Liberty produces
120 Volts AC
The voltage that comes from the wall outlet where you plug in the power cord.


Air-to-Gas Ratio
A phrase that refers to the mixture of air and gas
The added scent that makes the Mosquito Magnet® more appealing to the mosquito.
Attractant Adapter
A small adapter to allow the Lurex3™ attractant to connect to the plume tube of the Pro/Pro Plus and the Liberty Plus.
Attractant Basket
The small drop in basket that holds the Octenol in the Pro/Pro Plus.
Attractant Carrier
The bullet shaped holder at the bottom of the plume tube that holds the added attractant.
Attractant Carrier Cap
The cap that covers the attractant carrier.
Attractant Holder
Refers to the small plastic part that holds the attractant in the Liberty Plus
Attractant Compartment
The location where the attractant is kept in the Pro/ProPlus.


The assembly of parts that hold the Mosquito Magnet® Power Pack upright.
Base Frame
A part commonly found on the Liberty and the Defender that holds the traps base together.
Base Post
The long black post used to hold up the power head on the various traps.
A Ni-Mh Battery Pack comes with the Pro/Pro Plus & Liberty Plus.
Breeding Ground
A common phrase used to describe where mosquitoes can breed. (i.e. - Birdbath, Hollow tree stump, Flower boxes)
Breeding Cycle
For detailed information on the breeding cycle of mosquitoes Click Here.
Breeds of Mosquitoes
Please refer to the page on Mosquito breeds for information on the different species of mosquitoes.
Burner Box
This is where the catalytic reaction happens. This is an enclosed area in the Mosquito Magnet® where the CO2 is generated.
Burner Compartment
Part of the burner box, but this is the part in the new Pro/Pro Plus and Liberty Plus.
Burying Clips
Large "U" shaped clips used to bury the power cord.
An alternate gas that can be used for the Mosquito Magnet®, but is not recommended. Butane can cause the Mosquito Magnet® to run hotter. In warmer climates this may cause the Mosquito Magnet® to run too hot and repel mosquitoes.


Call Tag (RS1)
A UPS call tag for return service when UPS comes to your address to pick up the package from you. When a RS1 is issued, UPS will make 1 attempt to pick up the package. If the package is not available for pickup then UPS will leave the call tag so you can return it at your leisure.
Referred to as the carburetor, but it is more like a fuel injector. The carburetor injects the propane into the burner box at high pressure.
Catalytic Beads
The small aluminum, platinum coated beads in the Burner Box. The catalytic beeds are only in the Pro, Pro Plus, Liberty Plus, Commercial Pro & Freedom.
Catch Rate
The rate that you catch mosquitoes.
Catalytic Reaction
The process of converting Propane into CO2.
CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)
A gas that is exhaled by humans & mammals, it is produced by the Mosquito Magnet® to attract Mosquitoes.
CO2 Cartridge
A small cylinder of compressed gas used to flush the Mosquito Magnet®s® gas lines of any impurities. Used as an alternative to the Quick Clear Cartridge.
CO2 Tube
The black tube that hangs down from the bottom of the trap. This is where the CO2 is emitted from the trap.
Commercial Pro
The Mosquito Magnet® Commercial Pro is a self powered unit that covers 1 acre.
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
A colorless, odorless, incombustible gas, CO2, formed during respiration, combustion, and organic decomposition and used in food refrigeration, carbonated beverages, inert atmospheres, fire extinguishers, and aerosols. (Definition from )
Counterflow Technology™
The patented process that allows the Mosquito Magnet® to disperse a plume of CO2 while simultaneously vacuuming up the insects. More information on Counterflow Technology™.


The Mosquito Magnet® Defender is a corded unit that covers up to ½ acre.
Defender "U" Tube
The "U" shaped tube that slides into the Defender Base for support.
Defender Base
The green molded base for the Defender.
A clear see-through door on the Mosquito Magnet® that you can open to empty and/or replace the Net.


Ethyl Mercaptan
A colorless organic liquid, C2H5SH, that has a strong odor and is added to odorless fuel (propane) and fuel systems as a warning agent.


The fans in the Mosquito Magnet® have multiple purposes. Generating a vacuum and cooling the unit.
Fault Code
Is a reference to a light code that is generated on the Liberty & Defender to notify you of a problem.
The Mosquito Magnet® Freedom is a self powered unit that covers ¾ acre.


Gas Line
A tube that brings the propane into the power pack. The tube might be made of plastic, rubber, or rubber with a braided steel cover.
Gas Safety Valve
A silver button on the Commercial Pro & Freedom that when depressed will allow the propane to flow into the burner box. May be referred to as the gas button.
Glow Stick
A term that refers to the igniter used in the Liberty & Defender.
A word that Woodstream Corp. Employees use to describe the green housing for the Mosquito Magnet® Commercial Pro.
Quick Release Valve
The Quick Release Valve that is attached to the Power Pack has a Release Switch to make it easy to disconnect the Gas Line from the Power Pack.


Used to handle the Mosquito Magnet® for ease of movement.
Hang Tag
An informational card that is attached to the Mosquito Magnet®. Normally has information about the Reset Tool and the Quick Clear Valve.
Heat Sink
(1) An environment capable of absorbing heat from an object with which it is in thermal contact without a phase change or an appreciable change in temperature. (2) A protective device that absorbs and dissipates the excess heat generated by a system. (Definition From )
A term used to describe the outer plastic assembly that encases the main parts of the Mosquito Magnet®.
Housing Latch
A black latch on the Freedom housing to hold the two halves together.


A device used to ignite the propane gas. Below are the different styles of igniters that we use.
  • Push Button - On the Commercial Pro & Freedom there is a standard push button style igniter that is similar to one you would find a gas grill.
  • Glow Stick - This refers to the igniter that is in the Liberty & Defender, it is a piece of filament (like the material that is in a light bulb). The Glow Stick will heat up to ignite the propane to start the catalytic reaction.
  • Electronic - The Pro/Pro Plus & Liberty Plus have fully electric igniters. When you start the traps after about a minute you will hear the igniter start clicking.
Indicator Lights
The lights on the back of the Liberty Plus, Liberty and Defender.






Large Fan
Used in all the Mosquito Magnet® traps. In the Commercial Pro & Freedom the large fan's only purpose, is to generate the vacuum. In the Defender & Liberty it has a dual purpose, generate vacuum and cool the trap as well.
LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
The display that is on the Pro/Pro Plus that indicates its current state.
LED (Light Emitting Diode)
The Light(s) on the back of the Liberty and Liberty Plus. May also be referred to as the Indicator Lights.
Left Horizontal Leg
One of the two lower curved legs for the Liberty.
The Mosquito Magnet® Liberty is a corded unit that covers up to 1 acre.
Liberty Base Frame
The main part of the Liberty base. A molded piece of heavy duty plastic.
 Liberty Foot
A plastic foot for the Liberty. The Liberty requires two.
 Liberty Plus
The Mosquito Magnet® Liberty Plus is a self powered unit that covers up to 1 acre.
LP is an acronym for Liquid Propane
L-Shaped Adapter
The older style of Quick-Clear Valve adapter.
Lurex3™ is a specially formulated attractant developed specifically to attract the Asian Tiger Mosquito. More information click here.


A small reference book used for assembly and a reference point about your trap.
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Written or printed material concerning a hazardous chemical that includes information on the chemical's identity; physical and chemical characteristics; physical and health hazards; primary routes of entry; exposure limits; whether the chemical is a carcinogen; precautions for safe handling and use; control measures; emergency and first aid procedures; the date of preparation of the MSDS or the last change to it; and the name, address, and telephone number of the manufacturer, importer, or employer distributing the MSDS. (Definition from Northwestern University Hazard Communication Program website )
Any one of various species of gnats of the genus Culex and allied genera. The females have a proboscis containing, within the sheath like labium, six fine, sharp, needlelike organs with which they puncture the skin of man and animals to suck the blood. These bites, when numerous, cause, in many persons, considerable irritation and swelling, with some pain.(Definition from )
Mosquito Magnet®
A device to lure mosquitoes to their death. The Mosquito Magnet® mimics a human by emitting a plume of carbon dioxide (CO2), heat and moisture, and a secondary attractant. This precise combination is irresistible to female mosquitoes (the ones that bite), no-see-ums, biting midges, black flies, and sand flies. As the mosquito approaches the trap hoping for a human, it is quietly vacuumed into a net where it dehydrates and dies.


Natural Gas
This is NOT a gas that can be used by the Mosquito Magnet®. Some gas grills can use it but cannot be used on the Mosquito Magnet®. Natural Gas runs too hot and can cause damage to the trap.
A shaped netting that is used to trap the mosquitoes until they dry out and dehydrate.
Net Frame
A molded piece that is used to hold the Net in place.
Net Switch
A small micro switch that is in Mosquito Magnet® Liberty models that were made prior to 2003.
Net Window
A clear window to look through to see your catch of mosquitoes.


The secondary attractant that comes with the Mosquito Magnet®.
Off Button
A button on the Liberty.
On/Reset Button
A button on the Liberty.
Acronym for Overfill Protection Device
OPD Valve
A valve on a propane tank that prevents the overfilling of a tank.
OPD reset Tool
A tool designed by Woodstream Corp. to reset the valves in the regulator and the OPD valve.


Pedestal Adapter
The part that connects the power pack to the base.
Permanent Installation
A process of hooking the Commercial Pro to a permanently installed propane tank, or more commonly referred to as a bulk tank. Typically bulk tanks are 100 lbs.
A common term used in reference to the CO2 heat & moisture that is being forced out of the trap.
Plume Tube
Where the CO2 comes out. It is the black tube that is in the front of the unit
Power Cord1 (Liberty & Defender)
The 50 ft cord that comes with the Defender & Liberty to power the traps.
Power Cord2 (Pro/Pro Plus & Liberty Plus)
The short cord that comes with the Pro/Pro Plus & Liberty Plus to charge the battery.
Power Head
A common phrase used to describe the upper assembly of the Liberty, Defender, Pro/Pro Plus and Liberty Plus.
Power Pack
A common phrase used to describe the main part of a Commercial Pro & Freedom.
Power Switch
The black switch on the back of the Defender, Liberty & the Liberty Plus.
Power Button
The on/off button that is on the Pro/Pro Plus.
Prevailing Wind
A wind that blows from one direction more frequently than any other during a given period, such as a day, month, season, or year. For example, if the wind generally flows from the left to the right across the yard. and it does that for most days in a week, then that would be your prevailing wind. If you are unsure that is the correct prevailing wind, then you may want to contact your local weather service for this information.
The Mosquito Magnet® Pro is a self powered unit that covers up to 1¼ acre.
Pro Plus
The Mosquito Magnet® Pro Plus is a self powered unit that covers up to 1½ acre.
A colorless gas, C3H8, found in natural gas and petroleum and widely used as a fuel. (Definition From )
Propane Tank
A container to store the propane. Recommend size is a standard 20 lb tank.
Purging a Propane Tank
The process of removing excessive air from the tank.


Quick Disconnect Valve
A valve on the Commercial Pro and the Freedom power pack that allows you to hook up the gas line that comes from the propane tank.
Quick Release Slide Tab
A small tab on the Quick Disconnect valve that allows for easy removal of the gas line.
Quick-Clear Cartridge
A small cylinder of compressed gas used to flush the Mosquito Magnet®s® gas lines of any dirt or contaminants.
Quick-Clear Valve
A Schrader Valve on all the traps that allows you to connect a CO2 cartridge using the Quick-Clear Valve Adapter.
Quick-Clear Valve Adapter
A small threaded adapter used to connect a CO2 cartridge to the trap for maintenance.


A factory reconditioned power pack.
A device used to control the flow of gases, or liquids. (Definition from )
Regulator with a Red Cap
An older style of regulator used on the Commercial Pro & Freedom models prior to the OPD vales that we use now.
Reset Tool
A small device used to reset the valves in the regulator and the propane tank.
Retaining Ring
The ring that is located at the bottom of the Pro/Pro Plus base post to lock the post in place.
Right Horizontal Leg
One of the two lower curved legs for the Liberty.


Schrader Valve
The Quick-Clear Valve similar to a bicycle tire valve in appearance.
Slide Plate
The large metal plate inside the green housing on the Commercial Pro, used to secure the Power Pack to the housing.
Small Fan
In the Commercial Pro & Freedom the small fan forces out the CO2 from the power pack.
Solar Panel
Located on the top of the Pro/Pro Plus to aid in charging the battery .
Used to automatically adjust the flow of propane in the Mosquito Magnet®.
The assembly of parts to hold up the Mosquito Magnet®


Tank Hood
A plastic cover on the Freedom that covers the top of the propane tank.
Tank Support
A curved plastic bar to support the propane tank on the Liberty Plus
Tank Tether
A strap used to secure the propane tank to the stand. Normally comes with the Liberty & Defender.
Temperature Gauge
An analog type gauge on the back of the Commercial Pro that tells the temperature.
A component to detect if the Mosquito Magnet® is over heating. It will also shut the trap down if this occurs.
Thermoelectric Generator
Used to generate electricity in the Commercial Pro & Freedom.
Tissue Test
This is a test to check if the trap has a sufficient vacuum.
A common term used in reference to the Mosquito Magnet®.
Trap Cover
A fitted tarp-like cover to protect the trap in the off-season.
The trumpet-shaped cone under the trap where the mosquitoes are vacuumed into the trap.




The inward current of air that sucks in the mosquitoes into the trap.
Vent Cover
A mesh-like screen that covers the venting air on the side of the Liberty, Defender, Liberty Plus, & the Pro/Pro Plus that prevents mosquitoes and other debris from entering the trap.
Vertical Leg
The upper leg on the Liberty. The Liberty requires 2 vertical legs.


Way Bill
A document prepared by a transportation line at the point of a shipment; it may show the point of the origin, destination, route, consignor, consignee, and description of shipment for the transportation service. A waybill is forwarded with the shipment or sent by mail to the agent at the transfer point or waybill destination. Abbreviation is WB. Unlike a bill of lading, a waybill is not a document of title.(Definition From Orient Overseas (international) Limited web site). Simply put, an International Shipping slip or label.
To allow for easier moving of the trap. On the Pro/Pro Plus, Liberty Plus, Commercial Pro, Freedom & Liberty.







* Patent Pending