Quick-Clear Valve Information

Why should you use the Quick-Clear Valve?
Beginning in 2003, American Biophysics installed new a one-way Quick-Clear Valve on all Mosquito Magnet® models. It is used to clear out propane contaminants in the fuel line that may build up and can block the flow of propane from the tank into the Mosquito Magnet®. These contaminants can clog the gas line in the Mosquito Magnet® and cause trap failure.

What are the four types of Quick Clear-Valve Adapters?

American Biophysics added the Quick-Clear Valve to the traps originally using an L-Shaped adapter. There is a known issue with the L-Shaped adapter. If there is enough back pressure it can blow out the O-ring in the L-Shaped adapter. These adapters have since been recalled by the manufacturer.

If you have the L-Shaped adapter, we suggest that you get either the standard Quick-Clear Valve adapter, or our Heavy Duty Adapter. To purchase a new Quick-Clear Valve adapter please call 1.800.214.7721.

Pictured below are the different types of Quick-Clear Adapters.

Recalled Standard Heavy Duty Heavy Duty
    Threaded Non-Threaded
df adapter

When should you use the Quick-Clear Valve?

It is recommended that you use the Quick-Clear Valve before and after any prolonged storage period. We also recommend that the cartridges are used every single propane tank change If you have problems starting your Mosquito Magnet® or keeping the Mosquito Magnet® running this is the perfect time to use a cartridge.

This will prevent any contaminants from building up in the fuel system of the Mosquito Magnet®. These contaminants may build up over time, clogging the fuel system, and causing trap failure.


Where is the Quick-Clear Valve on my Mosquito Magnet®?

Pro/Pro Plus - The Quick-Clear Valve on the Pro/Pro Plus is located right on the back of the trap.

Liberty Plus- The Quick-Clear Valve on the Liberty Plus is located right on the back of the trap.

Commercial Pro - The Quick-Clear Valve on the Commercial Pro is just to the left of the quick disconnect regulator valve.
Freedom - The Quick-Clear Valve on the Freedom is just up and to the right of the silver safety valve/gas button.

Liberty - The Quick-Clear Valve on the Liberty is to the far right of the power cord connection and the propane hose.
  Defender- The Quick-Clear Valve on the Defender is to the left of the On/Off Power switch.


How do I use the Quick Clear Valve.

We recommend that you use our exclusive, Extra Large Co2 Cartridges to

1) Remove Residue from inside your Mosquito Magnet and

2) Keep your Mosquito Magnet operating at peak performance

We currently have an internet-only sale on these items. To see the limited time offer click here.

These can be purchased by calling toll free, 1.800.214.7721


Heavy Duty Quick-Clear Adapter

Extra Large Co2 Cartridge

For a printable version of the standard Quick-Clear Valve instructions Click here.


Air compressors and why you should not use them.

Air compressors can have oils, water and other impurities in the air tank that can cause other problems. Here is a comparison chart for the major differences between CO2 cartridges and Air Compressors.

Air Compressor
Quick Clear Cartridges
Output Pressure (P.S.I.)

95-125PSI constant on smaller units.
145 - 175 PSI constant larger industrial units.

Initial burst pressure of around 800 PSI and it greatly decreases quickly after that.
Gas Purity
Most air compressors are oil lubricated, belt driven and this oil can be in the tank and as the compressors tank is filled with air, water from moisture and the oil can build up in the tank.
Quick Clear Cartridges are a clean source of gas and are free of impurities
Warranty issue
The Quick-Clear Valve was not designed nor tested using air compressor. Any damage that is a result of using an air compressor will NOT be covered under warranty.
The Quick-Clear Valve was designed using a CO2 cartridge.