Mosquito Magnet® Freedom

Start up procedure

  1. Turn off the propane tank by turning the knob counter clockwise.
  2. Disconnect both sides of the regulator. Disconnect the regulator from the tank, and from the unit by pressing the small silver tab on the connector. This will allow ease for removal from the unit.
  3. Take the tank off the stand and place it on the ground.
  4. Shake the unit vigorously! (Why?)
    Note - With the upper housing closed and latched, hold the upper housing with two hands, shake it back and forth and left to right. Place your foot on the base for leverage.
  5. Place tank on stand
  6. Use the OPD Reset Tool. (Note: The OPD Reset tool should be used at every tank change)
  7. Connect the regulator to the tank.
  8. Slowly open tank all the way.
  9. At the end of the Regulator hose press the plastic nipple with the edge of your finger nail for a few seconds to see if there is a continuous gas flow. One thing to note, if this white piece is pressed down all the way, it might sound like there isn't gas flow, but there might be. It might be such a clean flow that you will not hear anything. If you look at the stream of gas in the sun light you may even see the flow of gas. If there is a good flow of gas continue to the next step. If not use the reset tool if it is available.
  10. Connect the regulator hose to the unit.
  11. Depress the silver gas button forcefully three times and hold it in on the third time.
  12. Hold the gas button in for 30 seconds.
  13. After holding in the gas button for 30 seconds, start pressing the igniter every five seconds until unit starts. (Note: You may not always hear the pop. If it does not start, then use the quick clear valve and/or the reset tool.) The power pack may not start on the first attempt and this process may need to be attempted several times.
  14. If the unit does start the temperature indicator will turn red. Hold in the gas valve until the big fan is spinning. (Note: This is a clear indication that the unit is generating electricity. If the unit heats up and the fans are not running then it might not be generating electricity.)