Mosquito Magnet® Commercial Pro

The tank lasts more/less than 21 days

How Propane tanks work with Mosquito Magnet®

The Mosquito Magnet® uses 1lb. of propane per day under normal running conditions. An average OPD tank is 85% filled and roughly has 18 + pounds of propane filled in the tank. The time frame for most tanks will be 18-22 days of use. Below are the some of the reasons why OPD tanks will last a shorter or longer of period of time.


Check for Leaks

Check propane tanks and regulator assembly with soapy water mixture by pouring the soapy water mixture on propane tank and at joints of the regulator assembly (Seen in photos), to see if small or large bubbles appear in these areas. If you see these bubbles please turn off machine and call us.

Check for leaksCheck for leaks


Has the Propane tank been purged?

For best results it is recommended that you purchase, own and refill your propane tank with a certified propane dealer for your Mosquito Magnet®. Tanks that have been used before work best. See the section on Tank Purging to know why.


Size of Tanks

We recommend the use of only 20 lb propane tanks with Mosquito Magnet®. As there are tanks out there from 5 lb and up. Our regulator is designed for the 20 lb style of OPD propane tank. It was stated above the Mosquito Magnet® run 1lb of propane on average a day so smaller tanks will of course be less time and larger tanks will not only run a longer period of time but can damage the regulator on the trap. If your going to use a stand alone propane tank of more then 20 lb, we do have permanent installation instructions, please contac us.