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Mosquito Magnet® Independence

Extra Tips

  1. Airflow is important. Keep side vents, plume tube, and net clean. Standard Maintenance tips apply.
  2. New Batteries must be installed.
  3. Do not mix used and new batteries.
  4. Make sure they are placed in the holder correctly. The contacts must be clean and connected to all 8 ends of the 4 batteries. The connection from the harness to the trap must also be secure.
  5. Rechargeable battery should not be used on this trap since the circuit board will not keep the battery charged.
  6. This unit will start and run in temperatures 50° degrees and above. Starting it in colder temperatures will delay the engine reaching operating temperature and the batteries will not be enough to keep it running. If you are in an area that has a wide variability in temperature, theExecutive trap will be the best option.